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CL Vacuum Pumps

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CL Vacuum Pumps
170 - 14000  CFM

The NASH CL Vacuum Pump and Compressor product line is perhaps the most popular ever built. There are 12 different models, from the CL-200 through the CL-14000, with capacities ranging from 150 CFM to over 14,000 CFM. They can be found in many applications including: autoclaves, carburetor testing, chucking, condenser exhausting, container filling, cooking, deaerating, drying, eviscerating, exhausting, extruder venting, fiber setting, filtering, forming, gas stripping, molding, pickup and conveying, priming, slot extraction, and solvent recovery.

All CL models are still available from Gardner Denver Nash, the original designer and manufacturer.

Whether you have an existing CL pump running in your plant that is in need of service, repair, or replacement with a new or remanufactured duplicate CL pump, nash_elmo is there for all of the above.

Gardner Denver Nash continues to manufacture and offer the CL to our customers.

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