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Evaporators, Cookers & Vacuum Pans

Evaporators, cookers and vacuum pans are used to process unrefined food products into a concentrated form by boiling. In these processes, vacuum is used to lower the boiling temperature in order to improve the appearance and taste, shorten the cooking time, and reduce energy costs.


2BE4 Vacuum Pumps

An upgrade of Nash's 2BE3 vacuum pump series, the 2BE4 series offers capacities ranging from 1,500 to 19,000 CFM (2,500 to 33,000 m³/hr). Designed to operate in demanding environments like the paper, power, mining and chemical process industries, these pumps offer durability and reliability at a low cost of operation. Each model is equipped with an application-proven polyisoprene-lined body for added corrosion & erosion resistance.

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