NASH-A Gardner Denver Product

NASH Certified™ Service Center Capabilities

NASH Certified Service Centers are ISO 9001:2008 Certified


Liquid ring pumps are disassembled or fiberscope inspected, and the cause of failure is determined. This enables Gardner Denver Nash to provide you with information as to why the pump failed, to take corrective action and to determine the best type of repair for your particular application in order to extend pump life. A firm quote for repair is prepared and sent to you. Options quoting can also be made, and you determine the method of repair.


All new remanufactured and repaired parts meet current specifications. As improvements are made to a particular part for better pump performance, your pump will be upgraded automatically. All stainless material used in the lining of parts is "L" grade only, 304L or 316L as specified. New components when required are original Gardner Denver Nash castings.


NASH can replace your original NASH pump with an IDENTICAL, warrantied, re-manufactured unit.

  • Top quality service and equipment at competitive pricing
  • Pump performance at 95% of new pump
  • Backed by NASH's 2 Year Warranty
  • Many swap-outs available to ensure minimum downtime

NASH pumps are repaired/rebuilt by using a combination of new parts and reconditioned parts. New bearings, packing and gaskets are supplied.

Bearings, Seals, Gaskets, Packing

New bearings, gaskets, packing, seals and piping are always supplied on every Gardner Denver Nash repair.


Gardner Denver Nash has the current manufacturer's drawings and dimensions. All tolerances are set to these current specifications based on Gardner Denver Nash pump drawings. Only Gardner Denver Nash has the current OEM drawings and specifications.


All clearances and tolerances are checked at assembly. All components are inspected for proper fit and smooth operation.


All pumps are primed and painted the same as new pumps. Pumps can be painted to your particular specifications with regards to color and material.

Final Inspection

Pumps are inspected prior to shipping on each order. When shipping, all open nozzles are covered with shipping covers to protect your pump against inclement weather, foreign objects and/or tampering.