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NASH XT Systems

NASH XT System

NASH Vectra liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors have technological advancements such as a patented cone design and rotor configuration. The new NASH XT Systems use the Nash pump advantages within a water-saving, self-contained system. Their capacity range is 200-1300 CFM (340-2210 m3/h).

Designed for use in clean applications, such as medical centers, labs, paper converting, semiconductor applications, dairy and more, XT Systems give you the benefits of a liquid ring vacuum pump without the problem of providing constant seal liquid.

A few of the great features to be found in these packages are:

  • the use of NASH Vectra GL and XL pumps
  • the recovery of the system’s water vapor, so a minimal amount of seal water replenishment is needed
  • no external cooling is needed
  • drop in place ease of use
  • easy integration into your clean-in-place system

An XT System consists of a NASH Vectra liquid ring vacuum pump, motor, coupling drive, base, separator/storage tank, air-cooled heat exchanger, shell and tube after condenser, condensate collector tank, inlet spray nozzles and accessories. Optional items include a control panel and a variable frequency drive.

If you have limited water supply or want to reduce your water consumption; want a drop-in system; or want a package that can move around with you, a NASH XT System is the right choice for you. 

 How the System Works

  1. Gas enters from the process
  2. The inlet gas flows into the condensation cooler and passes through the tubes
  3. The discharge gas mixture, with water vapor from the separator, flows in the opposite direction - on the outside of the condenser tubes
  4. As the gas cools, water condenses and is collected in the tank
  5. Cold and relatively dry air leaves the system
  6. The vacuum pump draws the operating seal water from the separator tank through the air/water cooler. The ambient air cools the operating liquid before it enters the vacuum pump. The water is a closed loop system and continuously recirculated
  7. Injection lines from the collector and separator tanks spray water into the evaporation chambers. When injected, it vaporizes and cools the gas
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